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كلمات اغنية 아야 – Therapy

كلمات اغنية 아야 – Therapy مكتوبة

Come to bed, time to sleep

You're eyes following my tiny feet

Under the blanket no one can see

Tomorrow’s a new day, a new memory

So gone so long

Too young, hold on to

Someone to love me

Someone to need me

Two days a week

An hour of therapy

Three years, no sleep

I’m all out of dreams

See through skin

Bloody good gin

Still in my veins

And I wish I could change it

I’m looking for someone who’s looking at someone else

You’re why it feels good when I’m being bad to myself

That’s what I need

That’s why I bleed all by myself

For someone with someone else

Too cool for school, too cute for the streets

Small talking deep, I’m somewhere in between

9 to 7 then 7 to 9

Two steps ahead, and one to the side

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مساحة إعلانية


مساحة إعلانية