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كلمات اغنية فرقة هارموني باند – نورَ الحَياةِ

كلمات اغنية فرقة هارموني باند – نورَ الحَياةِ مكتوبة

إن قلتَ لي لن أقدرَا

أن أتركَ المُخدرَا

If you tell me that You will not be able to abstain from drugs...

فأنتَ حقًا مُخطئٌ

Then, you are most certainly mistaken.

نورَ الحَياةِ أهدرَا

The one who is addicted, has disregarded the light of life (has deprived himself from sanity & good health)

وَللوجوهِ الوَاعِدَة

And for those who show promising attempts to leave drugs

الدَّعمُ والمساعدَة

we shall give them assistance and help.

فكم رأتكَ الوالدَة

For how many times has your mother seen you (in that state of intoxication)

وَقلبُها تكدرَا

by which her heart was broken?

وَعندَنا مبادَرَة

منَ القلوبِ صادِرَة

We have an initiative that emerges from within our hearts

رغمَ الظروفِ القاهِرَة

قل أقبلُ المقدرَا

Despite the hardships and hard times, say “I shall submit to what has been destined”

إنَّ الذي احبكَا

The one who loves you

إذا رآكَ قد بكى

(if he were to see you) he would shed tears

وَغيرُ مهتمٍ بكَا

However he who truly doesn't care about you

لكَ السُّمومَ صدَّرَا

will continue persuading you to do drugs

فإن تُرِد ان تلهوَا

Should you wish to entertain yourself, do so

فدعْ مُخدِّرَ الهوى

but leave out drugs.

يُرديكَ كالسُّمِ هوَ

The drugs will lead you to destruction, as poison would do!

فلو فعلتَ الجدرَا

So, do what is beneficial for you.

مقصرٌ وذو وَرَع

Whether a person was pious or sinful

سيحصدُ الذي زَرَع

he will reap what he sows in this life

وَمَن لتوبةٍ هرَع

And he who rushes to repentance

عساهُ يلقى بيدَرا

it is hoped that he will be successful.

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مساحة إعلانية


مساحة إعلانية